• Image of Axxab 2nd Colorway

Material : laquer paint on resin
Size : 6,5"
Packaging : coffin box
Limited 10 pcs only!

Axxab, The Cursed Serpent Demon

In ancient times there lived a serpent demon who assigned to harass humanity. But he actually interfere with a very disgusting way, which is often peeping young widows when they are in bath, just to jerk off. Hearing that, God was angry and cursed the serpent demon to die in a horrible way. On his face another eyeball arose wildness that finally made the serpent demon died from dizziness too much to see with his new eyes. Not enough stop there, the curse continues, on the day of 666.666 he will rise again haunted in public restroom to peeping until the end of time. Now Axxab has rise again while hunting the latest porn video.